Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review of "Coffee with Poe: A Novel of Edgar Allan Poe's Life"


From time to time I post reviews of my books. A recent one has been posted on Barnes & Noble about Coffee with Poe: A Novel of Edgar Allan Poe's life. In it I tried to bring Poe to life with actual letters from his foster father, three fiancees and wife. It is available in both print and ebook formats. Here is the 5 star review:

Really Good In-Depth Look at the Life of Edgar Allan Poe: This book is really well written and always held my interest . . . Prepare yourself because you have trouble putting it down once you begin.

And since I am counting down the Top 10 ghost stories for the first half of the 19th century, this raises the question about Poe's ghost stories. He didn't write many. His best is "The Mask of the Red Death," and it will soon make an appearance in my scary story countdown.

Book About Edgar Allan Poe at Barnes & Noble

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