Sunday, March 27, 2016

Songs Based on The Divine Comedy

Last week I announced that the final installment in my Divine Dantes trilogy was published. It follows the characters of The Divine Comedy in a mess-up modern world. There's adventure and a rock-n-roll love story. Will Eddie ever settle on a name for the band?

The effects of Dante's The Divine Comedy on modern pop culture are immeasurable. Check out the songs about the poem:

“Angel (Lust)” Joe Jackson             Heaven and Hell         1997
“The Bridge (Envy)” Joe Jackson             Heaven and Hell         1997
"Dante's Inferno" Iced Earth
“Dante’s Prayer” Loreena McKennitt     The Book of Secrets 1997
"Highway to Hell" ACDC             Highway to Hell         1979
“Tangled Up in Blue” Bob Dylan     Blood on the Tracks 1975
“Tuzla (Avarice)” Joe Jackson             Heaven and Hell         1997

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