Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Best Selling Non-Fiction Book of 2017 Will be Prince's Autobiography

I'm writing this on 4/21/2016, the wrenching day that Prince has died and left the world in shock. Typing the words doesn't make it seem any more real. Fact is, I don't want it to be real. When I was younger I admired him for his music and later I admired him for the artist he unabashedly became. His musical talents were truly boundless and without measure. They called him The Kid.

When one thinks of Prince, literature is not the first thing that comes to mind. If it does, The Little Prince novella is a cheeky response at a dinner party. Still, many of his lyrics were poetic and his The Ballad of Dorothy Parker was homage to the fine American poet of the same name.

Prince and literature?

Yet in 2017 I am predicting that Prince's forthcoming biography from Random House will be the number one selling non-fiction book. It already is getting a lot of buzz and if Prince came anywhere close to completing it, you can bet it will be read the world over.

"We've seen the future and it will be."

Meantime, The Very Best of Prince is a must own album if have nothing else by Prince Rogers Nelson.

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