Saturday, May 11, 2013

Free eBook Prologue to The Divine Dantes: Squirt Guns in Hades

I've only published one book in the last year. I know, right--slacker! Why? Because I've been hard at work on The Divine Dantes trilogy. To whet your appetites, I'm offering the prologue for free. This is the OTHER modern book based on The Inferno. Synopsis:

A heartbroken young rocker. A bunny costume. Former girlfriend in Venice. A literary romp across continents to get her back while meeting the characters of Dante’s The Divine Comedy in a messed-up, modern world.

Eddie is a frustrated twenty-something rocker who is heartbroken after his girlfriend, Bea, left for Venice. This not only ended their relationship, but also their two-person rock band. Eddie’s so down and out he has taken to dressing up in a bunny costume and waving to traffic in front of a travel agency to make ends meet. At Bea’s request, Virgil—their erstwhile manager-cum-travel-agent—guides Eddie to Europe to meet her once again without him being in on the secret. Will Eddie get (back) his girl, settle on a name for the band, and rid himself of the bunny costume chaffing? Check it out today!




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