Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Divine Dantes: Paella in Purgatory (Infernal Trilogy #2) Can be Pre-Ordered Now

Big news for fans of The Divine Dantes trilogy! Book #2, The Divine Dantes: Paella in Purgatory, will go live on June 27, 2014 for $3.98. It is available for preorder now on:

Divine Dantes on iTunes

Divine Dantes on Barnes & Noble (Nook)

Book 2 of The Divine Dantes's Infernal Trilogy finds Eddie and Virgil in Barcelona, Spain. Eddie, the young rocker with an active mind, thinks they are there to get on a cruise. Virgil, however, has tricked Eddie and arranged for Bea to secretly meet them. Meantime, Virg and Eddie visit famous Barcelona landmarks (La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Rambla Street, etc) as Eddie adds his trademark commentary. Will Eddie speak to Bea when she arrives? And if he will, does their two-person band get back together?

It's time to rock on again.

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