Thursday, December 30, 2021 - A website About Hotel Deaths


For those of you who are interested in paranormal, I wanted to let you know about a website that tracks hotel deaths. You can find it at and the site can tell you if a death has occurred in your hotel room. While most people try to avoid staying in a room where there has been a death, such as a suicide, others specifically want to stay in rooms where there might be paranormal activity. You know who you are.

The Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City has recorded the most hotel suicides, currently at 32, in the RoomSpook database. One of the earliest suicides happened on June 15, 1921. On that date Kirk Moore jumped from the hotel to his death. He landed on the 7th avenue sidewalk curb, just missing a taxi cab. He was to stand trial the next day on child molestation charges after being caught inviting children into his car. Moore left a note to his wife that said in part: "Something broke in my head and I feel myself going." He was 28 years old and a graduate of Princeton University.

But wait, there's more! "RoomSpook tracks many undesirable events that, unfortunately, happen in hotels. They include: accidents, accidental deaths, assaults, bed bugs, communicable diseases, deaths by natural causes, murders, rapes, shootings by police, and suicides." This is what the site says about its current markets:

", which allows travelers to search for unwanted “events” for free in their hotel such as bed bugs, deaths and communicable diseases like Covid-19, now has data covering 450,000+ hotel rooms, 1,200+ hotels and 3,940+ events in Anaheim, Brooklyn, Lake Buena Vista, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando. The company is rapidly expanding to other markets."

If you are interested in ghosts, or even ghost stories, this is the site for you. Boo!

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